Terra di Vento


Extravirgin Olive Oil
DOP Colline di Salerno

Modest fruity aroma and yellow tinted with green highlights. Fruit flavored with a mildly bitter and spicy sensation.

Rotondella, Frantoio


Settebocche olio extravergine

The hills of Salerno

LOur D.O.P. “Colline Salernitane” extravirgin olive oil has ancient roots of native origins which are ever present in our products. It is produced in an area strongly devoted to the cultivation of olives, and characterized by land holdings particularly rich and original. Certain characteristics of the area in fact go back to the cultivation of the ancient Focesi, colonies of Magna Grecia. With the settling of the Romans olive cultivation soon spread throughout the entire Salernitana region. Still today area names such as Oliveto Citra, Olivella and Ogliara derive from the cultivation of the olive.
Strolling through these lands of exceptional beauty it is easy to run into tall thousand year-old olive trees- trees which hold the story of local peoples whom the olive assured, in the most difficult of moments, certain sustenance.