Terra di Vento

Our oil

The splendid and sweet hills which emerge out of the background of the most northerly point of the Sele plains are the ideal framework of one of the most sought after domestically produced oils: D.O.P. Colline Salernitane extravirgin olive oil.
The oil of Terra di Vento takes it name from the ancient wellspring of the area, Settebocche, and is obtained from the baling of olives either of native origin or of ancient introduction such as Rotondella and Frantoio.
On the whole our company possesses approximately 5.5 hectares, with plants averaging 25 years in age. Our annual production is equivalent to 30 quintals which contains a selection of only the best drupes. The harvest takes place both by hand and by the most modern mechanical techniques and is destined for D.O.P.