Fiano Faiano
Terra di Vento



IGT Colli di Salerno

Faiano grapes come face to face with a cut version of white winemaking. Normally 1/3 of the product is refined in French oak barrels in order to grant complexity and smoothness without compromising the highly delicate floral and fruity tones of Fiano dei Colli di Salerno. Further bottled aging bestows unity and rigor to the richness of the wine. Brightly straw-colored with gilded green highlights, intense aromas of ripened fruit and sweet sensations of broom and hazelnut. Fresh upon taste, just the right alcohol content and smooth with a full-bodied and clean aftertaste.

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The Picentini Mountains

These highlands are rich in waters and springs, fed by rich rainfalls and the Karst phenomenon. Of the streams which emerge out of these mountainous areas some run towards the Tyrrhenian Sea while others towards the Adriatic. The region enjoys heavy rainfalls, especially on the southern end which is exposed to humid winds originating from the Tyrrhenian.
In the winter snow is present in vast areas, particularly near Mount Terminio. The vegetation here is rife with mixed copse, alternating between chestnut and fruit. Fine beech trees are found at all elevations above 900 meters.