Tecla Madre
Terra di Vento

Tecla Madre.

Aglianico rosato

IGT Colli di Salerno

The grapes of Tecla Madre are gathered some days before those of Petrale and are produced as rose’ wine with skin/must contact of 14-16 hours. The must-wine is then fermented at a controlled temperature between 15-18 degrees Celsius.  Upon closure of the alcoholic fermentation it is decanted into barrels in a third transformation in order to render it clear and stabilize its color. After brief aging in the same barrels it is bottled roughly 6 months subsequent to the grape harvest.
Possessing a deep and lively rose color, it flatly recalls the scent of strawberry and cherry, and distinguishes itself with a lively sharpness on the palate which is additionally sustained by a certain smoothness and flavor.  The relationship between sense of smell and taste is superb as is the long closure which allows it to adapt well to many dishes.

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