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IGT Colli di Salerno

The Aglianico grape, which is the basis for the Petrale wine, is cultivated near the Picentini mountain range in the scenic Salernitane hills. Here the combination of the sun, the unique mineral composition of the soil and the close proximity to the sea all provide grapes at a very high level of quality.
Our winemaking is thus directed toward enhancing the quality of the Aglianico grape of the Colli di Salerno: long skin maceration with daily punching and pumping, malolactic fermentation carried out in French oak barrels and aging in these for a period of 9 to 10 months; this is followed by fusion in steel tanks and aging in bottles. Donning a deep ruby red color with a tinge of purple this wine has a distinct and mature aroma containing inklings of blackberry, cherry, plum and intense balsamic and spicy flourishes. The freshness and maturity of the Aglianico grape dominates the initial impression upon taste.

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Aglianico Petrale